Kobido Japanese facelift


Japanese facial massage combines the techniques of traditional Japanese massage, acupressure and lymphatic drainage. Thanks to this massage technique, the skin of the face is smoothed and firm. The massage introduces a state of relaxation and relaxation, and the effects are similar to surgical therapy.

Why is it worth acquiring the skills of performing Japanese facial massage?

The Japanese Face Massage Technique allows you to achieve similar effects as aesthetic medicine treatments and is a 100% safe method.

In a non-invasive and extremely relaxing way for the client, you can get rid of both the first signs of aging and advanced wrinkles.

An additional effect of the massage and an indication for a new group of clients is the impact on the psyche, reduction of stress and fatigue, which may contribute to the formation of wrinkles.

The Japanese Facial Massage technique combines muscle relaxation massage, lymphatic drainage, lifting and acupressure, which will allow you to individually choose therapy for the client.

The client will come back to you only if he is satisfied with the massage.

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